How to generate
qualified leads
for a Software Service Company
[in 2023]?
with Irina Tsumareva, co-founder @ Kraftblick
The Webinar (you are looking for):
Who the webinar is for:
Come join the webinar if you care about business goals of your software service company.

Self-check (!):
Annual & monthly revenues, sales pipeline, marketing funnels, qualified leads — those metrics make sense to you.
SEO, PPC, lead gen managers
Marketing specialists
Founders and CEOs
Heads of Sales and Marketing depts
During a webinar we will share:
ThE exapmle of a perfect website structure for a software service company
    • Best practices in lead gen for a software service company using directories & listings (ex. Clutch, GoodFirms and others)
    • Search Engine Optimization strategy to go with to get loyal website visitors for a software service company
    • Content marketing mechanics allowing to obtain qualified leads
    • Online paid advertising secrets helping a software service company save the budget on clicks and leads (ex. Google Ads)
    • The plan on how to optimize a website of a software service company aimed at getting > leads
    • All about marketing organization: analytics, reports, and management
Kraftblick Software Clients:
Webinar registration is open until June 22